Green Tea Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the most important things to gain a personal health and wellness in his body, different ways to lose weight depending on the age and weight of the person, one of the best ways to lose weight is to drink green tea, because it contains many benefits, such as increased metabolism, and loss of appetite.

There are many ready-made packets of Fat burning green tea however if you just have green tea you can use the recipe below which found to be effective.


Green tea recipe for slimming the ingredient
1-  A packet of green tea.
2- Half a tablespoon of green ginger, dried mint, rosemary, chamomile.
3- Two liters of water.

How to prepare
Boil a glass of water, then add all ingredients, then leave aside for 40 minutes.

We drink three cups a day before eating an hour or so, which helps to feel full, which leads to eating a small amount of food, and contributes to burning fat because it contains a high percentage of antioxidants that strengthen the immunity of the body.

Some recommended green tea products which found to be effective for belly fat are below.

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