Benefits of the Green Tea

Green Tea:

Is one of the health drinks spread around the world, especially in Asia, where it is produced in Japan and China, a lot, and extract the green tea from the plant Camellia Science without oxidation, and the same method used in the preparation of black tea, and green tea has many health benefits, Green tea helps reduce weight and burn calories. Green tea is one of the most famous types of tea recently. It is a low-oxidized tea that is not fermented like red tea. Japan is one of the countries most famous for producing green tea. Green tea is the same as red tea but before exposure to moisture and heat oxidation Exposed during the transfer from one place to another.






Jasmine Green Tea


Benefits of green tea:

  •  Facilitates bowel movement and regulates movement, helping to prevent constipation
  • Contributes to the burning of many calories, especially in the stomach, and prevent the gathering of food in them, which helps to get rid of the rumen, which leads to access to the body slim, and ideal.
  •  Contains a high percentage of natural fibers, and light on the stomach, which facilitates the movement of the body, and prevents the feeling of tiredness, and prevents the feeling of indigestion, and preferably drink after eating high-fat meals, so it is recommended to drink a cup of green tea after meals.
  •  Reduces blood sugar, which reduces the amount of fat accumulated in the body, as high blood sugar helps store fat in the body.
  •  Contains large amounts of natural minerals, vitamins important to the body, and benefit pregnant women by supplying them with iron, zinc useful to the body.
  •  Renews the cells of the body, which helps to remove the signs of the expansion of the body, and get rid of stomach laxity after birth especially after weight loss.


Lemon Green Tea



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  1. Good articles … Keep it going. Can you please let us know about how many kinds of teas are there and what are the benefits?

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